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Provide a very high quality, extremely stable, well handling, reliable, and affordable cargo trailer to pull behind motorcycles and/or small sport cars.

About the Owner

I have been riding motorcycles since I was a teenager, which was a long time ago. I have a passion for motorcycles and anything to do with them. I also collect and restore Cushman motor scooters and vintage motorcycles. Over my riding history, which is still being written, I have toured 46 states on motorcycles. I am on my 12th Gold Wing which is a 2001 Yellow GL1800 with a matching Turtle Hull Trailer. click here to see my current ride.

Turtle Hull Trailer History

The first Turtle Hull Trailer was built in 2001. I developed and built the first trailer out of my own desire to have a trailer that was just big enough to carry what I needed for long distance trips while at the same time keeping style, function, safety and performance in mind. I wanted a trailer that appealed to me. After building and getting my first trailer on the road I received extremely positive comments and "where can I get one" comments from not only my friends but perfect strangers. It was because of all of the positive feedback that I decided to build and market my trailers. Each year I travel to several chapter and regional rallies to display, sell, and take orders for my Turtle Hull Trailers.

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