Turtle Hull Trailers FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How does the trailer handle since it is so small and light?
A: Turtle Hull Trailers are designed to handle extremely well in all driving conditions. Turtle Hull Trailers pull straight and true at all speed ranges. My personal experience and feedback from Turtle Hull Trailer owners is that it is almost as if the trailer is not there

Q: Is 14 cubic feet of cargo storage really enough?
A: Good question! This is completely based on each individual. I can speak from experience that I have found 14 cubic feet to be more than enough cargo space. I have packed a large duffel bag, folding chairs, two helmets, a small tent, large Tupperware/Rubbermaid plastic tote (for dirty clothes), and more with no problem. Please remember that the larger the trailer the more you will pack which equals to more weight you are pulling which significantly increases your stopping distance and accelerates rear tire ware.

Q: What is the warranty on the trailers?
A: Glad you asked. All Turtle Hull Trailers come with a full 1 year warranty from the date of delivery. The warranty covers repair/replacement of any defective parts or material.

Q: How does the trailer handle with the bike leaning into a corner – I ask this because I noticed that you do not offer a swivel coupler for the trailer.
A: Excellent question! I don't offer a swivel coupler because I have used a swivel hitch before and they don't make any difference. You can not exceed the limits of a regular coupler while riding your bike. A swivel hitch is just something to spend money on.

Q: What type of suspension does the trailer have?
A: In designing the Turtle Hull Trailer I chose to use a torsion axle suspension for the following reasons:
-- They are very compact and allow additional freedoms in designing the trailer.
-- The elastomer also gives some natural damping to the "bumps" in the road.
-- Torsion axles are also very nice because single sided units make for an independent suspension.
-- Torsion axles are a good choice for light duty trailers.

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